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During the last 40 years, Cauchos Arnedo has specialized in innovation projects and tailor-made formulations.

The use of exclusive technology for the manufacture of multicolored soles has led us to become specialists in the manufacture of this product. Thanks to the use of special molds, we come up with a wide range of solutions for multicolored rubber soles both in wedge and in sole.

A new exclusive technology developed in collaboration with SEMIC and biomechanically tested by INESCOP. Air tubeless reduces plantar pressure when walking, improves the perception of comfort, and increases thermal insulation.

We have developed a Natural Formula, ecological and composed of rubber up to 100% natural and that may be FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified

In our rubber soles it is possible to use the entire color spectrum available in the Pantone catalog, as well as honey, translucent and camouflaged colors, soles with textile, wood or other recycled elements.