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The healthy outsole

Antivirus and Antibacterial sole

HELSE is a sole that acts as a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria thanks to its biocidal power.

A sole that provides health, safety confidence and peace of mind. Our main objective is the wellbeing of people. Our commitment seeks to generate effective biocidal protection.

We want to make a positive impact on people´s lives by applying high-performance biocide solutions that work on any type of footwear.

Copper, zinc and silver


Viruses and bacteria have the ability to survive outside living beings and can maintain their infectious power for hours or even days depending on the surface where they have been deposited. One of the surfaces where they can be deposited more easily is the ground on which we walk.

The materials that offer a better behavior against the virus are silver, copper, zinc. Cauchos Arnedo, the result of its constant research, has developed HELSE the new sole that protects you throughout its useful life against viruses and bacteria.