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HELSE is an outsole that acts as a protective barrier against viruses and bacteria thanks to its biocidal power. A sole that provides health, safety, confidence and relief.

Our priority is people well-being.

Our commitnent seeks to generate effective biocidal protection.
We want to make a positive impact on people´s lives by applying high-performance biocide solutions that work on any type of footwear.




A new product that meets an important need at the present time. COVID-19 has made, among other things, more evident the need to know that we have tools and developments to protect us.



Helse has innovation in its DNA. Always in constant innovation, we haver developed different I+D+i projects: We use nanotechnology for applications in traditional sector. Development of soles resistant to Gamma Ray sterilization with high furability. We develop unique and specific formulations for each project, adapting the formulation to the specific need of each sole and shoe.



The use of exclusive technology for the manufacture of multicolored soles has led us to become specialists in the manufacture of this product.



We have been working for 40 years from Arnedo (Spain), where in 2013 we have renovated the infrastructure by launching new facilities and machinery

Our Technology

We have been developing unique and special soles for more than 40 years for sectors such as sports, fashion or security.

Innovation and Design.
Sustainable with the environment.